IgG Food Allergy + Candida Test

Determine if your chronic disabling symptoms are caused by food allergies or candida.  After assessment of test results proper food elimination diets will be provided.


Saliva Hormone Panel Test

Determine where your hormone levels are with an ultra-sensitive and more precise hormone test. Done in the convenience of your home or office with simple saliva sample collection.


Food Intolerance Test

Discover which foods are making you sick or overweight.  Some people cannot digest certain foods.  This can lead to inflammation in your gut, and unwanted food particles can then enter your blood stream.  Food intolerance can be determined precisely with this convienient and easy test, which only takes a few seconds to do.


Detox Programs

Get rid of toxins, sugars, and unhealthy eating habits safely and quickly with these nutrition programs tailored to you individual needs.  Call to set up an appointment and order your program today.


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